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Registration Open! All sign-up information found here

Registration is now open for ERO Season 1. Find all the sign-up information below:

1. Make sure all drivers are in the Discord and the iRacing League

2. Read the Rulebook on the website

3. When ready, submit the Team Registration Form

3. Pay the £10 entry fee for the season - DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS BELOW

4. Submit the Livery Submission Form - INFORMATION BELOW

5. The Driver Lineup Form will be released 1 week prior to each race - Make sure this is filled out 24 hours prior to the race. If not, this may result in a penalty.

6. When Driver Form is submitted, and all drivers are in discord and the league, go to #role-request to ask for your roles.

Entry Fee Instructions

- Payments will be need to be via Paypal.

- Email is nathan@amess.org

- Currency must be in pounds.

- It needs to be one payment of £10, not every individual splitting the cost and giving £3, for example.

- Add a message, stating which car/s this payment is for.

- There are NO refunds.

- The entry fee will need to be paid by 3rd July at 12:00pm GMT.

Livery Submission:

1. Upload your Team Paint (TGA, and MIP if applicable) on the Paint Submission Form. This will allow for ERO decals to be added for broadcast.

2. Download the Paint Pack ZIP. This will be available around 24h before the race. You need to download this to see all the paints in-game, using TradingPaints will not work*.

3. Place the files according to car in Documents -> iRacing -> Paints. The folders will be separated by car, so you should just need to copy paste each car folder into your "paints" folder.

*Trading Paints should be turned off during the race


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