Driver Briefing

ERO Round 5 - 6H

of Spa

Welcome to the second round of Endurance Racing Online! We are extremely excited to get started, but there are some key things we need to go through before the green flag drops.

Download the PDF version here:

1. Race Week Schedule

Free Practice Sessions

AUS FP - 5 Hours - 29th October @ 08:00 GMT

NA FP - 5 Hours - 29th October @ 00:00 GMT

EU FP - 5 Hours - 29th October @ 18:00 GMT

ALL FP - 24 Hours - 29th October @ 00:00 GMT

Race Day – Saturday 31st October (31/10/20)

Race Briefing

Session Launch + Beginning of practice

Closed Qualifying (15 minutes/4 laps)

Race Start

11:30 GMT

12:00 GMT

12:45 GMT

13:00 GMT

  • Classes DO NOT GO on green flag. All classes must maintain a steady pace, set by the leader of each class, until they get to the designated start zone.

  • As shown above, the beginning of this highlighted area is where the leader of each class is allowed to stop pacing and go green. Use the start finish line as a marker for the beginning of the start zone!

  • LMP1s – your start will be close to a normal iLMS start – but I reiterate, the green flag may drop before you get to this start zone. In this case, make sure you do not accelerate until you are in the starting zone, at which point, it is the decision of the leader as to when to go.

  • LMP2s – The leader will need to dictate a steady gap with at least a couple of seconds between themselves and the back of the LMP1 field. Once past the beginning of the starting zone, it is the decision of the leader as to when to go.

  • GTEs – You are one class on the grid, you are not split into PRO and AM. Therefore, the leader overall of the GTE class will be responsible for maintaining a steady pace, with a gap between themselves and the back of the LMP2 field, until the leader reaches the starting zone, at which point it is their decision as to when to go.

NOTE: The green flag will drop on your screens – This does NOT mean you can go. This is extremely important to get correct, and will be reviewed by the stewards – an early start will result in the pole car being penalized, and any incidents caused from drivers who have not properly read this procedure will be look dimly upon. If you have questions, please ask! It is crucial everyone understands. Races are not won in the first 5 seconds, and it is important that all cars make it through the first few laps.

2. Start Zones

3. Overtaking

A few points from Round 1:

  • PRO teams do not have right-of-way over AM teams, who should not be expected to get out of the way, if for position.- Lapped GTEs should not defend or be seen holding up any lapping GTE excessively.

  • Lapping GTEs should make their intentions clear as early as possible.

  • Lapped GTEs should not fight a corner with a lapping GTE if the lapping car makes a clear and decisive move on the lapped car.

  • Lapped GTEs do not need to pull over and let faster GTEs through. You can do this if you would like, but this is not mandatory. However, as we have said above, you should not fight the faster car.

  • Lapped GTEs have the ability to un-lap themselves should they be faster than the car ahead.

  • Damaged cars – If it is safe to continue to the pits, then make sure you are off the racing line and out of the way, and make it clear what you are doing to approaching cars. If not, please tow.

We encourage hard and fair racing. There will be incidents. We just need to keep them to a minimum, please.

Drivers should not use public voice chat. However, we would like you guys to have voice chat on, so any announcements from race control can be heard. We will remind you on the grid what we expect on race start, as well as things during the race.

4. Voice Chat

5. Incident Reporting

  • If you want to report an incident, there is a link on the website to do so. Make sure you read what the form is asking carefully, and make sure you provide video links to the incident.

  • Furthermore, you may not deem a decision from race control fair. If you would like to talk to us, calmly, please @RaceControl. We will happily talk about your perspective, and how we based our decision.

  • Make sure to keep an eye on both #incident-outcomes and #live-penalty-points

6. Broadcasting

  • RaidillonTV will be live in the LIVE Voice Channel.

  • If you wish to speak with them about your car’s current situation etc, please join the Waiting Room Voice Channel.

  • There will be post-race interview for any teams that wish to take part in one.


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